REF # 1896Sur1

A forged overprint actually OVER the cancel! Note the downward slope of the ONE PENNY as well as the hand-inked lines of the overprint (right side).





REF # 1896Sur1a

A very obvious forged overprint of the very rare inverted 'P' of PENNY.






REF # 1896Sur1b

Attributed to Erasmus Oneglia.  The stamp, the cancel and the overprint are all fake.







REF # 1896Sur1c

A very obvious forged overprint of the very rare inverted 'P' of PENNY.






REF # 1896Sur1d

A crude forgery.  The font style is all wrong.  Note how the 'y' is higher than the rest of the letters.  Almost certainly the same person who made REF # 1896Sur1c above.





REF # 1896Sur1e

Both the overprint and the cancel loos dubious.  An expertising certificate is highly recommended.





REF # 1896Sur1f

The overprint looks dubious.  The cancel is a forged BULAWAYO cancel.








REF # 1896Sur1g

A forged overprint without the three bars over the THREE PENCE.  The cancel is also forged.







REF # 1896Sur3

A forged BULAWAYO cancel.







REF # 1896Sur3a

A forgery attributed to Erasmus Oneglia.  The date (1892) is three years before issue date.






REF # 1896Sur3aa

A forgery (fake stamp) attributed to Erasmus Oneglia. 






REF # 1896Sur3b

A forged BULAWAYO cancel with the JU 1 of the month/date italicized.  








REF # 1896Sur3c

A forged non-descript cancel.









REF # 1896Sur3k

The overprint (surcharge) is genuine but the yellow color is heavily oxidized - almost a brownish color.  This stamp was offered as fresh mint at a 2015 auction.